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Carbon Farming Newsletter - ETS Review Urgent Edition

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Issue 9, April 2011


Welcome to the Carbon Farming Group newsletter.  This is a special edition to get your feedback on a couple of key items regarding the ETS Review currently underway, and to which CFG are submitting next week.

ETS Review - We want your feedback


The 2011 ETS Review panel has, at short notice, requested that the Carbon Farming Group appear before them and submit next week, as they consider agriculture amongst the various ETS topics under review.  We therefore want to take this opportunity to pass on views from our “community of interest” ie you, about the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme.

We only have half an hour with the panel so are seeking your comments on a few key areas, which are specific to the scope of the 2011 ETS review and to the remit of the Carbon Farming Group (providers of independent climate change information to the rural sector). 

  1. Your level of awareness of the details of the ETS (none, low, moderate, proficient, increasing understanding, increasing confusion),  where your information is coming from (CFG, farm advisors, MAF etc).
  2. Based on the level of financial commitment (go here to work it out), do you think it will significantly affect your business – ie. Will you absorb the cost and make no changes to on-farm practises or seek to reduce ETS costs by adapting on-farm practises?

If there are any other burning issues you would like to raise please do so. 

Please email me your comments by the end of Monday the 18th of April and we will gauge the general consensus and present this to the review panel.



Best Regards,


Clayton Wallwork


Carbon Farming Group

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