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This calculator will work out liabilities using data averaged across New Zealand conditions.

Important notes:

  • This calculator should be used as a basic guide only.
  • Results = (emissions – reductions) x CO2 price

Please enter data for your farm

NZ ETS Data $/tonne
Price per tCO2e

(default value is $20)

Value may be subject to change.

Slaughter Head / yr Avg kg / carcass
Milk Production kgMS/yr
Nitrogen Fertiliser

Age (Yrs)
Area (ha)

(enter ‘0’ if no trees planted)



The costs shown assume participants will pass all of the ETS costs from agricultural emissions on to farmers.

The calculation does NOT include emissions from energy use or other purchases, as these emission liabilities will be accounted for in the retail costs:

  • Petrol, Diesel, Electricity
  • LPG
  • Fertilizer

If you would like to calculate emission values for these items, and learn how to reduce them, click here for more.

The agriculture emission factors are from the Climate Change (Agriculture Sector) Regulations 2010. They are expected to be updated over time as scientific understanding of agricultural emissions improves and farming practices affecting the emissions per unit of output change.

Forestry data is derived from the look up tables in the Climate Change (Forestry Sector) Regulations 2008, and does not include the impacts of harvesting.  Please see Info Sheet 12 on Carbon Forest Management here for more details.

For more specific information on carbon forest management not covered here or on our info sheet please contact a registered member of the New Zealand Institute of Forestry here.

Please note under the ETS soil and pasture carbon are not recognised, therefore they are not included in this calculator.

» Actions you can take to reduce liabilities